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Product Details


Exterior and interior caulking of door and window perimeters, Expansion and control joints, Coping and coping to façade joints,Cornice and wash joints

Notes and Recommendations

Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid is a one part moisture curing STPU specifically designed as a high performance sealant for use in dynamic joints. Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid is based on Pecora’s unique hybrid STPU differentiating it from the standard Dynatrol® I-XL urethane-based sealant. The STPU chemistry utilized by the Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid formula is a one-part, moisture curing sealant that has been developed specifically for sealing dynamic joints on both porous and non-porous surfaces. It cures to a low modulus rubber with extraordinary adhesion capable of accommodating joint movement of ±50%. Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid does not yellow, crack, or craze under long term exposure to UV light.


Product Color
Polar White
Sealant Code Approval
USD acceptance for meat and poultry plants
Sealant Shelf Life
12 Months