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Ideal for flash and batt or hybrid insulation systems or in applications where a Class 1(A) and Class 2(B) material is required. Stops air infiltration and provides an aged R-value of 6.0 at one inch thickness for an economical, efficient insulation system.

Notes and Recommendations

Protective equipment to be worn while spraying such as disposable coverall made of PVC coating, respirator mask, and gloves. Make sure that the area being sprayed is clean and dry before spraying.Make sure that the chemical temperature is between 60-90 F when spraying foam.DO NOT store if temperatures are 120 F and above.Chemicals do not work well in cold temperatures anywhere below 40 F.


Product Color
Product Fire Rating
Astm E84At2Thick
Spray Foams Type
Two Component Foam System Low Gwp Low Pressure Closed Cell Medium Density