Vapor Guard Tape (VGT)

FSI Vapor Guard Tape (VGT) is a 30 mil composite membrane comprised of a multi-ply embossed UV-resistant aluminum foil/polymer laminate to which is applied a layer of rubberized asphalt. The rubberized asphalt acts as the substrate adhesive and will even stick to most clean surfaces without heating, down to 40°F. Protecting the rubberized asphalt is a split-release backing designed to give the user more control when installing. FSI VGT has zero perm performance and conforms to irregular surfaces while self-healing around punctures to form a seal. FSI VGT can be used in either interior or exterior applications.

• Zero Vapor Permeance

• Can be applied in cool temperatures, as low as 40°F

• Split-release liner makes installation easy

• Self healing, puncture resistant

• All rolls are 50 LF

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