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Exploring Wood Screw Head Types: A Comprehensive Guide


Posted on November 2, 2023

Explore the diverse types of wood screw heads with this comprehensive guide. Learn about Flat, Oval, Round, Pan, Trim, Truss, and Washer Heads, their unique features, and specific applications in woodworking. Also, understand various drive styles like Slotted, Phillips, Square, Hex, and Torx, essential for choosing the right screw for your project. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals, this guide, in collaboration with Fastener Systems Inc., offers expert advice for successful woodworking projects.

Fastening wood elements securely requires the right equipment, and when it comes to joining wood, different types of wood screw heads are a fundamental component. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the varied types of wood screw heads, delve into their characteristics, and understand their specific applications. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned woodworker, this guide, in collaboration with Fastener Systems, will enhance your knowledge and application of wood screws.

What Are Wood Screws?

Wood screws are designed specifically for connecting wood pieces. They feature coarse threads to grip the wood securely and a pointed tip to penetrate the wood surface efficiently. Knowing the different types of wood screw heads is essential as it helps in choosing the right screw for the job, and helps to ensure a firm, secure, and aesthetic connection.

Understanding Types of Wood Screw Heads

  • Flat Head: It is one of the most common types of wood screw heads. They sit flush against the wood for a smooth surface.
  • Oval Head: Slightly domed and offering a decorative finish, oval head screws are used when a more aesthetic finish is desired, without sacrificing the screw's strength.
  • Round Head: Featuring a fully rounded top, round head screws are employed when a higher profile is acceptable or desired. They offer more strength due to their larger diameter.
  • Pan Head: Similar to round heads but with a slightly flatter top, pan head screws are versatile and used where the screw head will remain visible.
  • Trim Head: With a smaller diameter, trim head screws are less visible and often used for carpentry and woodworking applications where appearance is important.
  • Truss Head: Truss head screws have a wide, flat head with a low profile and large diameter, that gives them a large bearing surface.
  • Washer Head: These screws come with a built-in washer-like head that has a larger surface area. The increased bearing surface distributes the load over a greater area, to reduce the risk of damage to soft materials.

Different Drive Head Styles

Different Drive Head Styles

Just as important as the type of screw head is the driving head style, which refers to the shape of the recess on the screw head where the tool bit engages. Let's explore some of the most common driving head styles:


This is the traditional, straight-line slot that a flat-blade screwdriver fits into. While not as popular as they used to be, slotted screws are still used for their simplicity and universal accessibility.


The X-shaped recess is designed for a Phillips head screwdriver. It's one of the most common driving head styles due to its ability to center the tool, which reduces the chance of slippage.

Square (Robertson)

These screws feature a square-shaped recess and require a special square or Robertson screwdriver. They offer excellent resistance to cam out (slipping out of the recess while being driven) and are frequently used in woodworking.


A hex socket screw, also known as an Allen screw, has a hexagonal recess and requires an Allen wrench for installation. Hex screws are often used for furniture assembly and in applications requiring high torque.

Star (Torx)

These screws have a unique star-shaped recess that provides a high torque transfer, and reduces the chance of slippage. Torx screws are commonly used in automobiles, motorcycles, and computer systems.

Understanding the different types of wood screw heads and driving head styles can make your woodworking projects more successful.

Applications of Different Types of Wood Screw Heads

Understanding the applications of the various types of wood screw heads ensures effective and reliable wood joining. Below are the typical applications for each screw head type:

  • Flat Head: Often used in carpentry and building, suitable for countersinking.
  • Oval Head: Ideal for decorative applications like trim and molding.
  • Round Head: Suitable for attaching hardware to wood, such as hinges and locks.
  • Pan Head: Used in metal hardware and for joining thin pieces of wood.
  • Trim Head: Perfect for applications where a clean finish is required, like in cabinet making and trim work.
  • Truss Head: Truss head screws are typically used for applications that require a large bearing surface. Their extra-wide, low-profile heads distribute the force over a larger area to reduce the risk of material damage. This makes them ideal for thin, fragile materials and for installation in soft substrates, such as those found in aerospace manufacturing.
  • Washer Head: These are ideal for applications that require a large surface area to distribute the load. The built-in washer-like head helps prevent damage to soft materials and pulls flush against the surface to provide a clean and sturdy hold. This makes them suitable for wall hangings, mounting brackets, and other applications where a wide load distribution is needed.

Choosing the Right Screw for Your Project

Selecting the right screw involves considering the wood type, thickness, and the role of the screw in the project. Here are some considerations:

  • Material: Ensure the screw material is compatible with the wood to avoid reactions and corrosion.
  • Length and Diameter: These should be appropriate to the wood’s thickness and the load the connection will bear.
  • Drive Type: Consider the screw’s drive type – Phillips, square, or Torx, as this affects the ease of installation and the strength of the drive.

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