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Where to Get Fasteners with a Painted Head That Lasts


Posted on July 13, 2023

Enhance Your Projects with Professional Finishing. Discover the Power of Painted Head Screws - Seamlessly blending with your surfaces, these specialized fasteners from FSI offer better aesthetics, increased durability, and cost-effectiveness. Elevate your construction projects with a more polished and professional finish. Learn more about painted head screws and their numerous benefits today!

Finishing touches are pivotal in any profession. Why use shiny, noticeable screw heads on the surface when you could opt for painted screw heads that seamlessly blend with the surroundings? Painted screws are commonly used and go unnoticed because they flawlessly integrate with the project.

If you’re a contractor, carpenter, or other professional working with painted surfaces, it’s best to get painted screws directly from the manufacturer, rather than painting them yourself. The paint applied by FSI is designed specifically for screw heads and is subject to strict guidelines during the manufacturing process which results in very few rejections in-house and almost none when fasteners reach the customer.

This article will discuss various projects and how painted head screws will provide a more professional finish.

What Are Painted Head Screws and Why Are They Important for Construction Professionals?

Painted head screws are specialized fasteners painted with a special coating to provide more protection against the elements. They are available in various sizes and can be used for all types of construction projects.

How Painted Head Screws Are Manufactured

FSI has worked closely with our painters to develop a system and process to produce a quality painted fastener head. We judge our outcome on three criteria, color match, even paint coverage, and a durable finish.

Step by Step Process

There are several steps in the process that must be followed exactly to produce the most resilient painted head screws.

  1. Obtain a color chip for the painter to match.
  2. Rack the fasteners in a grate with holes properly sized so that the fastener faces head up, with spacing close enough to minimize paint usage but not too close that even coverage is hindered.
  3. The racked fasteners are put in a large blasting machine where different levels of blasting occur, depending on the finish of the part. (For example, stainless steel would see more blasting time than a carbon steel coated part.}
  4. The still racked fasteners are blown clean.
  5. Parts are sprayed with a primer.
  6. They are painted with proprietary paint.
  7. Screws are baked in a walk-in oven at a specific temperature for a strict amount of time
  8. Finally, the parts are allowed to cool down and cure - overnight is normally sufficient.

Quality Control Ensures the Screws Meet Our Demanding Standards

The parts are evaluated by an experienced manager. During the inspection, the manager visually examines the painted items comparing the original color chip to the finished product for accurate match and paint coverage around all sides of the fastener, and then performs a “Tape Test”, which has a procedure of its own:

The fasteners go through a soft de-racking on a carpeted surface to minimize chipping.

  1. Retained samples are kept for documentation and future reference.
  2. The final product is carefully packed with thick packing paper to minimize chipping during the shipping process.

The Goal of Our Process

Better Aesthetics

The primary reason why painted head screws are important for construction professionals is they provide better aesthetics compared to having exposed screw heads made of stainless steel or other metals. Instead of unsightly and shiny screw heads sticking out, painted head screws blend seamlessly with the finished surface they’re applied on, to give any construction project a much more professional look.

More Durable

Moreover, painted head screws are also beneficial in terms of durability. Painted screws are resistant to corrosion and rust due to the paint coating, which helps protect them from weather extremes such as rain and sunlight. This makes them last longer than other types of fasteners, which could potentially need replacement or repair over time due to harsh weather elements.

Cost Effective

Using painted head screws is also more cost-effective, since contractors don’t need to do any extra work, like manually painting the screw heads themselves. Plus, when getting painted screw heads directly from the manufacturer, you’re assured the paint won’t chip off easily even after extended exposure to adverse conditions.

Painted head screws offer the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness, while providing construction professionals with an aesthetically pleasing finish for their projects.

Examples of Projects That Would Benefit from Using Painted Head Screws

Vinyl windows and shutters, gutters, decks, RVs, siding, and painted surfaces of almost any material can benefit from painted head screws.

Vinyl Windows and Shutters

Using painted head screws on your vinyl windows is the perfect way to finish the installation process. By using screws with a painted head, no rusting of metal pieces is visible through the frame. This will save you money in the future from any repairs incurred from unsightly rust damage.


Painted head screws are a simple and cost-effective way to secure gutters for residential homeowners. They are also easy to install with no pre-drilling required, and can be used with standard gutters without damaging the material.


Working on RVs can be a labor of love, while you are giving them the custom look you desire. Oftentimes, this will require painted head screws to better match the color of your vehicle. By utilizing painted head screws, any RV repair or renovation project can be tailored to ensure that every detail stands out. Painted head screws are an easy way to ensure that all parts of an RV are seamlessly integrated and take advantage of any customization options available.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is becoming the standard for anyone wanting treated deck boards. Using painted head screws on composite decking is the recommended method of installation. It doesn't make sense to install the boards with off-the-shelf screw colors when you can perfectly match the color of your decking.

Fastener Systems Is Your Go-To Resource for Painted Head Screws and Fasteners for Every Project

When beginning any project that needs painted head screws, Fastener Systems can provide the perfect solution for contractors seeking to finish their projects. Fastener Systems has been managing the painting process of their fasteners for over 30 years. With a wide variety of painted head fasteners to choose from, we will help you find the best product for your desired application.

We are a leader in the fastener industry and a national company with customers in all 50 states. FSI has a full color catalog designed to be the most comprehensive and informative fastener and tool reference guide in the construction industry. In addition to fasteners, we offer caulks and sealants, plastic lumber, ceiling tees, and associated components, and much more.

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